Digital events

With Trippus solutions for Virtual on Demand, it is easy to gather participants in digital events. Combine physical participation with remote participation, with computer, tablet or mobile.

Digital event platform - for digital conferences and events

Do you want to gather all the speakers in one place, or will some present remotely? Will all participants connect digitally, or will some be physically present while others will join via link? A digital event creates many exciting opportunities but also places new demands on the event.
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Virtual fair or exhibition

Organize the next fair or exhibition so that participation can take place digitally. Trippus has developed a solution where exhibitors create their virtual stands and fill them with content. Visitors can take part in text, image and video material and interact with the exhibitors via chat or video calls – it will be very similar to a traditional trade fair.
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Hybrid event with Trippus!

Trippus offers services and complete packages for you who plan to organize an event, fair, conference, general meeting, etc. Our long experience of both physical and virtual events means that we have both the technical solutions and the personal help you need to succeed with your events. Choose between creating your event yourself in the Trippus system or using the help of our project managers who support you through the entire process.

Create digital events with Trippus event solutions

More and more companies are requesting solutions for virtual events and hybrid event solutions. Combine your next event with our digital solutions, create interaction and engagement with your visitors. Conduct conferences, events, meetings or fairs regardless of where the participants are located. Trippu's services within "Virtual on Demand" allow participants to participate physically or digitally, via computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Are you ready to create better events?