Digital fair and exhibition

With Trippus platform for digital fairs and exhibitions, participants and visitors can have an interactive digital experience without being physically present. Create booths, interact in meetings and get reliable statistics and data about visitors and participants.

Create your own booth in a digital exhibition

Trippus has developed a solution where, during a digital exhibition, it is easy for the exhibitors to create their stands themselves with the text, videos and contact information they want. By filling in a few text fields, choosing the color of the stand and uploading a logo, the stand is ready to receive visitors during a virtual exhibition or digital fair. The simplicity makes it easier for the exhibitors at the same time as it reduces the number of support questions for the organizer.

Simple and clear for visitors

One of the great advantages of organizing a digital fair or exhibition is the overview. In our digital trade fairs, a large number of stands can fit on a screen and through free text searches and the ability to filter on different categories, it is never difficult for the visitor to find the right stand.
Zoom (Video chat)by visuals

Digital fairs and exhibitions with smooth interaction

To interact with the exhibitors at a digital fair, visitors can either:
- use the chat and write direct messages to the exhibitors,
- connect via video call to speak directly to the exhibitors (just like at a physical fair.)

Pre-booked meetings and lead management

What do you do as a visitor to a digital fair if you want to have an individual meeting with an exhibitor? In the platform, the visitor can book a meeting by selecting an available time in the exhibitor's calendar. The one-to-one meeting ends up in the personal agenda of both the visitor and the exhibitor and is carried out as a video call. Another option for the visitor is to leave an expression of interest at the stand and ask to be contacted. The exhibitor sees these requests in a report that is constantly updated automatically with new requests.

Statistics and leads for exhibitors and organizers

A big advantage of digital fairs and digital exhibitions is that they generate very interesting statistics. As an organizer, you get a good overview of the number of invited, registered, the number who actually entered the exhibition floor and all stand visits. Which booths are visited the most? Which participants are most active?

Exhibitors at a digital exhibition can be given access to Trippus Exhibitor Portal where they can follow in real time which of the invited participants actually went to the fair.

Who visited their stand? Who submitted an expression of interest? The exhibitor portal is very easy to use and it is automatically activated when an exhibitor creates their stand.

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