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Follow up your event with stylish questionnaires that are distributed to the participants.
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Easy follow-up – the key to success

Did you put in loads of work into your event or conference? Did you send out a follow-up questionnaire that a majority of your participants didn’t even answer, that it takes lots of time to compile the answers from?

With Trippus you get immediate feedback on your events through follow-up via text messages (SMS) or e-mail. You can of course use the tool for non-event related surveys as well.

Relevant questions

A common problem with surveys is that participants often must choose the “didn’t attend” option since the organizer uses the same questionnaire for all participants, no matter which sessions they attended or which hotels they stayed in. Since all information about who attended what and who stayed where is already stored in Trippus you can use this to ask relevant questions, and to keep the number of questions to a minimum. This will boost your response rate!

When setting up a questionnaire you can choose to ask as many or as few questions as you like and you can choose between different question types: single option, multiple choice, rating (1-5, 1-10 etc.) and free text.

Real-time reports

To compile the results of a survey can be a time-consuming task. In Trippus you can follow the results of your questionnaires in real-time online. You can see what each participant has answered as well as a compiled total which can be viewed both in numbers and graphically. All reports can be exported to Excel format with a click.
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