Table seating and group management

Use Trippus digital solutions for table placement and group management. Automated flows allow you to assign table placement in one click and do the grouping immediately.
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Free seating or random division?

Choose whether you want to determine the location yourself or if you want to let the system do it for you. Maybe you want a group leader at each table and then draw the rest of the seats? It is entirely up to you to hear exactly what you want with the placements.

Smooth and easy-to-use

Seat your participants by dragging and dropping them to the right group or table. You can also let the system automatically divide participants into groups randomly or based on which activities they’ve registered for.
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Why table seating and group management?

Deliver a professional and smooth experience to your participants with Trippu's service for table placement and grouping. Our service can help the participants to communicate with each other, solve tasks together or just to avoid the headache of where each should sit.

Convenient for last-minute cancellations

If a guest cancels, there will automatically be a gap. You either fill it with someone from the waiting list or make a reallocation among the other guests.

An appreciated event tool

Let your guests know which groups they belong to, which tables they’re seated at and who else is sitting there. This can be presented in each participant’s personal program in Trippus event app.

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