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Get the best of both worlds with hybrid events. Use Trippus digital package solution to plan and execute hybrid events - with both digital and physical participants.
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Platform with all the tools for hybrid events

A hybrid event combines physical participation with remote digital guests. With the digital meetings and events that have become commonplace over the past year, several benefits have come. Organizers have reached a much larger target group and more visitors. Participants have appreciated the efficiency of being able to participate digitally. In order to take advantage of the positive aspects of digital participation even at physical events, a combined solution is required: Hybrid events.

Why go hybrid?

The pandemic has changed the way we look at meetings, events and conferences. Being able to connect digitally has resulted in increased reach for organizers, while digital attendees can participate remotely without having to travel. Now it is often standard to arrange hybrid events, but fully digital events still fulfill their function in the private and corporate industry. Along with development, the need for new solutions has become clear. With Trippus you get a powerful digital event platform with the possibility of interaction, mentometer and many other smart functions to deliver sensational digital experiences.

Invitation to hybrid event

With Trippus, it is easy to create different routes into the event depending on the function different participants have. Regardless of whether they participate physically or digitally, whether they have VIP status, are sponsors or paying participants, everyone can receive a tailored invitation and experience.

Depending on whether a participant will participate on-site or remotely, there is the possibility to adapt which information must specified when registering. It is also fine to have seat restrictions in the physical world but unlimited seats for digital participants.

Do you want different pricing depending on whether the participants participate on site or remotely? Do you want to combine the live performance with tickets to be able to watch the event afterwards? In Trippus it is easy to offer different prices and discounts and thus give participants access to different parts of the event.
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Hybrid event with Trippus!

Trippus offers services and complete packages for you who plan to organize an event, fair, conference, general meeting, etc. Our long experience of both physical and virtual events means that we have both the technical solutions and the personal help you need to succeed with your events. Choose between creating your event yourself in the Trippus system or using the help of our project managers who support you through the entire process.

Involve the particpants with polls

A central component for many events is to get the participants involved in different ways. If you as an organizer manage to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, affirmed and listened to, ratings and reviews of the event are also often positive.

The key is to give on-site and remote participants the same opportunity to interact so that they have the same opportunity to contribute to the content and feel that they have the same status.

Partners and sponsors can present their offers in other ways when it happens digitally. As no physical movements take place, you can create commitment in other ways. It is common for partners to organize their own program items and so-called breakout sessions.

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