Tools for a successful conference

Trippus event system helps you create your next conference with solutions before, during and after the conference.

Features for sensational events

Invitation and registration

Send personal invitations and collect event registrations seamlessly. Customize the design, fields and information you require.
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Payment solutions

Get paid for your event and activities with flexible payment solutions. Choose between card, invoice, and e-invoice.
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Tickets, check-in and name badges

Digital tickets are scanned and checked in, which automatically prints a personalized name bagde.
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On site interaction and live polls

Engage your audience! Participant questions, live polls and discussions in their cell phones.
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Event app

Give your attendees their personal schedule and all information they need.
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Event website

Create your event website with templates designed for computers, tablets and mobiles!
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Event communication

Keep attendees updated with flexible SMS and email solutions that can be sent instantly or scheduled.
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Lead Management

Collect and manage hot leads from events by scanning attendees' name badges with your mobile phone.
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Digital event

Reach more people and take your event digitally! With Trippus you get a stylish and branded broadcasting platform.
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Table seating and group management

Flexible solution that can be adjusted in real time.
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Survey and questionnaire

Get real-time feedback for your event, send follow-up questionnaires via text or email.
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Statistics and reports

Get real-time statistics and customized reports for your event.
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Ensure a good attendance at the event

It should be simple to register for events. With Trippus, you easily create a converting invitation that is distributed via e-mail or SMS, collect and manage registrations and create a stylish event website where participants can read more about the event.
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went to the finders keepers market in carlton on the 22nd of october , run by frankie magazine

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Long queues are a thing of the past

There aren't many things that detract from the attendee experience more than having to wait to get into a conference or event. With Trippus Print on Demand, we automate the check-in and printing of name badges to make it quick, smooth and provide a really good experience.
Fast digital check-in.
Automatic printing of name badges with your design - no need to print in advance!
Environmentally friendly solution as you don't have to print name tags in advance.

Event app - the participants best friend

Avoid confusion among participants and use Trippus event app for your events.


Distribute drink vouchers or entrance tickets directly in the app.


Let your participants access the program/agenda.

Group Management

Smooth grouping and table placement, easy to adjust easily in the event of late departures.


Include your contact details so that participants can easily get in touch with you.
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Introduce your partners and let your guests know who made the event possible!


Embed Google Maps to easily ensure that your guests find their way to your event.


Engage your audience with questions, polls and discussions on their phones.

Booth Map

At fairs and larger events, embedding a stand map makes it easier.

Statistics and reports for events

In Trippus, you get easy access to useful data and you can easily create your own customized reports. Export the document and share it with your colleagues.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

We help you before, during and after the event

We believe in personal contact and in our opinion it is one of our biggest competitive advantages. At Trippus, you always get a close relationship with support staff and project managers who are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience. We help you set up everything from a to z, for example a nice registration with several choices and ticket types to choose from, distribute information to the participants, create a nice event page, help on site with check-in and support and much more.
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