Tickets, check-in and name badges

Smooth ticket handling, check-in with mobile and environmentally friendly name tags that you don't need to print for conferences, congresses, fairs or events in advance.
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A "wow"-factor at the entrance

Distribute tickets

Distribute entrance tickets and drink vouchers directly to participants' mobile phones.


Scan the participants' digital ticket with a suitable scanner.

Name badges

Print the participants' name tags directly after their ticket has been scanned in your stylish design.


With pre-stamped holes, the participant can insert the name tag and hang it around the neck.

Statistics and reports

Get statistics about your visitors in real time and to follow up with them after the event.

Personal entrance tickets and drink vouchers

With Trippus ticketing system, you can create and distribute tickets online. Design the tickets and name badges to match your company or event.
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Environmentally friendly solution for printing of name badges

We only have one Earth, let's take care of it and get rid of plastic pockets with our specially treated paper! Only print the name badges that are really needed with Trippus Print on Demand.

Scan ticket -> check in -> automatically print badge!

You can also design the name badges with your graphic profile and decide which information should be visible on the badge.

This is included in Trippus Print on Demand

We'll come to you

Transport of equipment and set-up included.

Equipment required

Print stations containing printers, scanners and computers.

Name badges

Nameplates for conferences, congresses, fairs and events.


The nameplates with your own company logo and design.

Valuable data

Get statistics about your visitors in real time and to follow up afterwards.

Check-in participants with your phone

Trippus offers a cost-effective solution for checking in your participants to your events. Tickets are distributed to participants' mobile phones and these are scanned with Trippus check-in. No additional equipment is needed, and a smartphone or a tablet is enough. If the participant cannot find the ticket, it is possible to search for the participant's name manually. With Trippu's check-in, you know exactly who is present and who is not. This information can be used to target different segments of your audience with different poll questions, tailored offers or other relevant event information.

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