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Our customers love Trippus!

The participants' experience of feeling involved in the meeting - despite the digital one - could be created by collecting everything on Trippus digital platform.
Kristiina Sagbrant
Project Manager, Riksidrottsförbundet
Incredibly happy and satisfied with all the support that Trippus has given us, and when similar events come, we know which platform we will gladly choose again.
Amelie Rönngard
Project Manager, Altitude Meetings
Registration of booth staff, invited guests and lead scanning is one of the best modules we have experienced.
Rune Haldammen
Project Manager, ONS
Now we handle all administration from Trippus - from registration to the congress, selection of seminars, hotel booking.
Krister Andersson
CEO, Umeå Congress
If we hadn't had Trippus to work with, my desk would have been full of Excel lists with lists of names and people.
Solveig Rettig
Project Manager, Martin & Servera
It's super easy to use and they've thought of everything you need before, during and after.
Natalie Lindblom
Project Manager, Top of Heart

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