Digital Conferences and Events

By going digital you can hold your Conferences and Events no matter where your participants may be. Through the Trippus Digital Event platform your audience can attend physically or digitally through their computer, tablet or cellphone. And best of all – Trippus can help you through the whole process!

Easy to organize digital conferences and events

Do you need help or advice regarding your digital event or conference? Let Trippus help in the planning and execution of your next digital event. Whether it's live presentations or pre-recorded material, a pure lecture or an interactive session where participants contribute input via chat, Trippu's solutions can help you run a hassle-free event. We help you with all the handling when you have to organize a digital event.
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Why go digital?

The pandemic has changed the way we look at meetings, events and conferences. Being able to connect digitally has resulted in increased reach for organizers, while digital attendees can participate remotely without having to travel. Now it is often standard to arrange hybrid events, but fully digital events still fulfill their function in the private and corporate industry. Along with development, the need for new solutions has become clear. With Trippus you get a powerful digital event platform with the possibility of interaction, mentometer and many other smart functions to deliver sensational digital experiences.

4 easy steps with Trippus Event Solutions


Create professional event websites or personalized invitations directly to attendees!


Complete tool for gathering event registrations. Powerful for the organizer - smooth for the participant.


Tickets for the event - should it be physical or digital tickets? Different solutions require different preparations in event management.


What should the payment solution look like? With Trippus, you get a proven payment solution that ensures that payments reach your account after the event.

Hybrid or digital event?

Do you want to gather your speakers in the same studio or will some of them present from home? Will all participants attend digitally or will a part of them be on site physically while others sign in remotely? When conferences and events go digital we get a lot of new possibilities, but at the same time we also face new challenges. Let Trippus help you plan your next digital event! We can help you with live streaming of presentations, pre-recorded material and interactive sessions.
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Digital event platform for conference and events

With Trippus digital event platform, you get a complete solution for your digital conference. Live broadcasts from the stage, breakout sessions and discussion rooms are collected in an overview for the participant, who at the same time has the opportunity to interact by asking questions to the speakers and answering the questions that are sent out.

Follow-up after an event is important, not least from a lead generation perspective but also to manage statistics. As an organizer of digital events and conferences, you get access to detailed statistics on who has participated in what. The statistics can easily be shared with co-organisers, partners and sponsors to generate new revenue

Are you ready to create better events?