Collect leads

By scanning name tags, a new lead is created in the exhibitor portal - all in real time.

Check fields of interest

By adding your products and services, you can easily highlight what the visitor was particularly interested in!

Take notes on the lead

Simplify follow-up by writing notes about each visitor you scan.

Lead management in the booth

With Trippus module for exhibitors, it is easy to get an overview of visitors to your stand in order to follow up on potential customers and areas of interest. Everyone who works in the booth gets easy access to the Trippus Lead Scanning tool and scans the name tags of the booth visitors. In connection with this, they can also mark which products and services the respective visitors were interested in. By logging into Trippus Exhibitor Portal, the sales manager gets a real-time report on who met who and who was interested in what.

Work actively with lead management

Many factors play a role in successful lead management. Building relationships is often the primary goal of companies and organizations at trade shows and exhibitions. It is a challenge to gain control over stand staff, all visitors and not least to do a good and accurate follow-up. Effective online lead management is greatly simplified by the right digital tools. In Trippu's exhibitor portal, it is easy to organize visitors and contact details.
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Get full control over participation

Trippus Exhibitor Portal is a tool that gives you as an exhibitor full control over your fair participation. Here you can register the stand staff so that they receive their exhibitor cards. You can invite your customers and contacts yourself and follow up on who actually signed up and participated. Make the most of all the new contacts and networks at the fair by gathering all the information in one place.

Manage leads in Trippus portal

In Trippus Exhibitor Portal, you can manage all leads and staff members. See leads, write notes and assign to specific members.

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