Event Website

Create a buzz around your event

Create a user-friendly website for your next event. Build an event site in Trippus, customized for your event, and give all visitors an easy way to get all information in the same place.

Designed for computer, tablet and mobile

Event sites in Trippus are always designed for various devices.

Customize with your graphic profile

You choose the content! Be sure to customize the event website with images, videos, fonts and much more.

Get started with templates

We have created templates for you to quickly get started with your event website.

One website. All information.

Gather all the information your visitors and participants need on an easy-to-navigate event page where they can find programs, directions and frequently asked questions. You decide on the design and layout of the event page yourself.

Create visually pleasing event websites in minutes

Only your imagination sets the limits! In Trippus, you create your event homepage from your previously prepared templates or from the starting pit - it's completely up to you! Choose images, videos, content, fonts and more.

Stylish mobile-friendly event websites

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and on computer

Save time with templates

Templates for layout and content make it quick and easy to create your website. Reuse your templates to make new event pagees in one click. Everything created in Trippus can be reused as a template for future events and event pages.

Already have a website?

If you already have an event website in place, you can simply link from that to your registration website in Trippus. You can do the same from a Facebook page, your intranet or newsletters.

Are you ready to create better events?