Statistics and reports

There is a lot to keep track of with events. With Trippus, you get all the information and reports from your event.
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Get full control over your event

Number of participants

All registered participants in real time.

Attendance list

See exactly who checked in to your event.

Opened emails and SMS

Get insight into how your participants integrated with email and SMS.


Ticket revenue, activities and financial reconciliation.


Follow up your event with surveys and see the results in real time.

Customized reports

Create your own reports that suit your needs and wishes.

All data in one place

Use Trippus to access statistics for your entire event. See number of registered participants, capacity for activities and tickets. Get statistics on how many of your attendees didn't show up and who did. All data that is collected is generated in real time and can be followed up directly and exported from the system. Based on the statistics, you can quickly act, send reminders and share information with external parties.

Why are statistics and reports important for events?

Having access to relevant statistics and reports is essential to be able to assess events and improve future events. Statistics and reports provide an overview of everything from participant to revenue and costs, and provide organizers with important information on what actions need to be taken to optimize potential gains and minimize potential losses.
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Relevant reports

Forget about Excel files and time-consuming editing for each registration or request. Create your own report or tailor specific reports for your colleagues and suppliers with exactly the information that they need. Stay relevant, irrelevant data makes people work less efficient and it can also create problems with data protection laws, like GDPR.

Are you ready to create better events?