26 january, 2023

5 tips to succeed with your annual general meeting

As the winter darkness gives way to delightful spring breezes, we approach the peak season for annual meetings. Here are our top 5 tips for success, whether the meeting takes place digitally, physically, or in a hybrid format.

1. Smooth Digital or Hybrid Meetings

In today's world, holding digital or hybrid company meetings is becoming increasingly common. Conducting a digital meeting can be an excellent way to ensure that all members of the organization can participate, regardless of their location.

When planning a digital or hybrid company meeting, it is crucial to ensure that the technology functions properly. It is also important to ensure that all members have access to necessary technology, such as a laptop or smartphone.

Finally, ensuring the security of the digital company meeting is paramount. This can be achieved by using secure video conferencing software and encrypting all shared data.

2. Send out Invitations

Invitations to the annual meeting should be sent well in advance for everyone to prepare. The timeframe is stipulated by the bylaws and regulations, usually four weeks before the meeting members should have received the invitation via email, mailbox delivery, or other means. With Trippus, you can create personalized invitations to the annual meeting via email. In the invitation, you can easily choose whether recipients can register their attendance before the meeting. If you are organizing a digital or hybrid meeting, you can also embed a link to the broadcast.

3. Distribute the Agenda Before the Annual Meeting

It is essential to distribute the agenda to all participants well in advance so they can prepare and understand the topics to be discussed at the annual meeting. Decisions at the meeting are typically made on the agenda items. While other matters may be brought up for discussion, no formal decision should be made.

Therefore, the board should carefully consider the proposals for decisions given to the meeting. It can be a clear proposal or multiple proposals on one issue, but it should be easy to understand both the background of the decision and the decision itself. Allowing questions and comments from participants before the annual meeting can make it more interactive.

4. Anonymous Voting

One of the crucial parts of the company meeting is the voting process. Anonymous voting can help members express their opinions without fear of repercussions.

Anonymous voting can be done in various ways. Members can submit their votes by mail or email, or you can use an online voting platform. With Trippus' smart interaction and voting feature, all participants can vote from their own phones or computers.

Regardless of the voting method chosen, ensure that the process is secure, and the votes are kept confidential. For example, make sure that the votes are encrypted and stored on a secure server. At Trippus, our servers are located in Sweden, ensuring GDPR compliance and that your personal data never leaves the country's borders.

5. Follow-up

After the annual meeting, it is essential to follow up with the organization's members. This can be done through email, phone calls, or surveys. The follow-up should include a summary of the meeting, any decisions made, and any tasks that need to be completed. It is also important to give members an opportunity to provide feedback on the annual meeting. This feedback can be used to improve the process for the next meeting.

In Conclusion

In summary, the annual meeting is a significant event for organizations. By following these five tips, you can ensure that your annual meeting is successful, and all members of the organization can participate. By taking necessary measures to ensure the meeting is safe and efficient, you can make the annual meeting an effective platform for the organization to discuss and make decisions.

By following these five tips, you can ensure the success of your annual meeting. From anonymous voting to follow-up, these tips help ensure that all members of the organization can participate and make their voices heard. So, don't forget to keep these tips in mind when planning your next annual meeting and get the most out of it. Book a demo with us, and we'll assist you with your next meeting!

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