18 january, 2023

What is event management and why should you use it?

If you are tasked with planning and executing events, chances are you've come across the concept of event management at some point. The term may seem broad, so what does event management entail in practice, and how can you use it effectively?

What is Event Management?

Event management essentially involves planning, executing, and evaluating events, exhibitions, and meetings, such as conferences and corporate events. With proper implementation, organizers can host successful and profitable events with strong attendance and satisfied participants. Event management encompasses everything from invitations and participant registration management to communication through mailings and reminders, secure payment solutions, ticket sales, execution, follow-up, and reporting.

A growing trend in recent times has been the digital aspect of events and how technology is utilized to deliver added value. We observe an increasing number of events being organized in hybrid formats, combining on-site and digital participants. The advantages of these hybrid events are numerous, contributing to their rising popularity. One notable advantage is that organizers can reach a broader audience, while participants can avoid the commute to and from the venue. This, in turn, enhances the opportunities to attract international participants with hybrid events.

Why Use Event Management?

Using a reliable event management platform is, in a way, a guarantee that your event has all the keys to be truly successful. Organizers do not want to take risks with an unknown provider, as issues such as problematic payment solutions could be disastrous if the digital event platform were to go down in the midst of the broadcast.

With a well-functioning and proven event management system, you gather everything about your event – before, during, and after the occasion. A platform like Trippus assists you in managing the event from start to finish, ensuring you can easily keep track and maintain control over the entire process.

Event management is a crucial factor for successful events, whether they are large or small, taking place physically, digitally, or in a hybrid format.

When to Use Event Management?

The increased focus on digital and hybrid events has made events, in general, more complex. With an event management system, you gain an overview of the entire event, from the number of registered participants to the open rates of your mailings and how participants responded to your surveys.

Based on extensive experience with events, we've witnessed instances where there clearly hasn't been an event management system in place.

Trippus – Leading in Event Management

Trippus is a leading event planning tool that quickly and easily helps you manage events, meetings, courses, and conferences of all sizes. In Trippus, you'll find tools for every aspect of event planning, from invitations and pre-event information to table placements and interaction during the event, to reports and post-event follow-up. By managing your administration efficiently, you always have full control and create engagement among your visitors. With Trippus' event platform, you handle everything through a unified platform, ready to be customized according to your needs and preferences, GDPR-compliant, of course.

Are you ready to create better events?