4 january, 2023

5 tips to succeed with digital events

Digital meetings have become increasingly prominent, especially as many now choose to work from home. We offer you our top 5 tips for succeeding with digital events, whether it's an internal company event, webinar, or a larger digital gathering.

1. Engage participants with the right digital event platform

It goes without saying, but it's worth emphasizing. To organize successful digital events, you need a digital event platform that allows participants to fully experience your exciting event. The most common digital event platforms available today are Zoom and Teams. With Trippus, a comprehensive digital event platform, you can enhance your event and conduct live broadcasts, host breakout sessions, create discussion rooms, hold real-time polls, and enable participants to interact by asking questions to the speakers. Through these smart solutions, your participants will engage more and derive greater value from the event. Trippus also offers the opportunity to customize your digital event platform with logos, images, color codes according to your preferences, ensuring consistency with your marketing and brand.

A branded digital event platform for The Sales Conference.

2. Invest in quality audio and visual equipmen

Acquiring a decent microphone and webcam doesn't cost much, but it makes a significant difference in the perception of your digital event and elevates your professionalism.

3. Send reminders

One of the major advantages of digital events is their enormous potential reach, and how convenient it is for participants to join from their respective offices or homes. As the organizer of a digital event, you have the opportunity to send personalized reminders with a link to the event.

4. Follow up with leads

Digital events often bring together individuals, companies, and organizations interested in the event's topic. For organizers, this is a golden opportunity to nurture hot leads whose contact information you gained when they registered.

Trippus makes it easy for you to comply with current GDPR frameworks. Trippus servers are located in Sweden and do not cross the country's borders.

5. Leverage reports and statistics

How did the event actually perform? Having insights into the outcome is crucial, and with Trippus, you can obtain tailored reports. Monitor the number of registered participants, how many and who actually attended, what questions were asked, and much more. All data collected is generated in real-time, allowing for immediate follow-up and exportation from the system. Based on the statistics, you can quickly take action, send reminders, and share information with external parties. Trippus also enables you to send surveys to participants to gather additional valuable data about the digital event."

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