Bokmässan - The Nordic largest cultural event

One of Sweden's most appreciated and well-attended fairs is partly organized in Trippus event platform.

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About the event

The Nordics' largest cultural event was organized in Trippu's event portal! With over 85,000 participants over four intensive days, the Book Fair is regarded as one of Sweden's leading fairs. The annual fair brings together book lovers from all over the country and Trippus is proud to be an essential part in the creation and execution of this fantastic fair.

Trippus involvement

The book fair was coordinated in Trippus and the participants used several functions that Trippus provides. A selection of these functions include notification and registration, payment and ticket handling. Participants could register via a registration page where they provided their contact details for smooth check-in on site. They paid on the same website and received their ticket electronically via email.

During Book Fair 2023, five dedicated employees from Trippus were on site in Gothenburg to ensure that check-in and technical aspects ran smoothly during the four-day period.

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