3 JUNE, 2024

Word Clouds are Now Available in Trippus!

You asked, and we listened. Word clouds are now finally available in Trippus. Present your text data in a professional manner with word clouds, which update in real time as participants submit their responses.

What is a word cloud?

A word cloud is a visual representation of words and phrases frequently used by participants. The more often a word appears, the larger and more prominent it becomes in the cloud. This provides immediate insight into which themes and topics are most relevant and engaging for your audience.

How can word clouds improve your event?

  1. Increased Interactivity: By allowing participants to contribute their thoughts in real time, a dynamic and engaging atmosphere is created.
  2. Immediate Feedback: Get a quick overview of what is being discussed and which topics are important to the participants.
  3. Simpler Analysis: Identify key words and trends without having to go through long text-based responses.
  4. Visual Appeal: Word clouds are not only functional but also visually appealing, making them perfect for presentations and summaries.

How it works

During your event, participants can contribute words and phrases via their personal event apps to answer textbased questions. The data is collected and processed to create a dynamic word cloud that can be displayed on large screens or shared digitally with all participants in real time.

Participants use their event apps to answer questions.

Get started with word clouds today

We encourage all our users to try this new feature and discover how word clouds can enhance the experience at your events. In the Trippus platform, you can find this feature under the "OnSite Interaction" tab.

For more information about word clouds, contact our sales department or your contact person.

Are you ready to create better events?