8 November, 2023

Trippus Print on Demand: Customized name badges for a professional experience

What is Trippus Print on Demand?

Trippus Print on Demand stands out as one of our most popular and highly appreciated services for events. This innovative solution allows participants to obtain a personalized name tag designed according to the event organizer's preferences. With Trippus Print on Demand, organizers can create a professional and memorable experience for their participants through customized name tags that reflect both the brand and the unique character of the event.

How does Trippus Print on Demand work?

The service is designed to be as smooth and seamless as possible. As part of the Trippus event platform, Trippus Print on Demand enables an almost automatic service that operates without manual intervention. When participants register for the event, a booking is created in the Trippus platform. Participants can find their personalized entry ticket through their booking confirmation or the event app. At the entrance, the ticket is scanned, triggering the printing of the participant's name tag.

It is the organizer who chooses the appearance and content to be displayed on the name badges. Trippus is happy to assist in designing the name tags and provides tips and advice to create eye-catching name badges.

When should you use it?

Trippus Print on Demand is suitable for a variety of events, regardless of size or type. The service can be easily adapted for in-person events such as conferences, trade shows, seminars, workshops, concerts, and other gatherings where identification is essential. Its flexibility and customizable features make it an invaluable tool for organizers aiming to provide a high-quality and memorable event.

Benefits with Print on Demand

Professional Experience

Trippus Print on Demand brings a professional feel to the event, leaving participants impressed and curious about how it works. The name badges provide a sense of exclusivity and belonging, potentially encouraging participants to interact with each other.

Data Collection

As the service is part of the Trippus event platform, statistics and data are updated in real-time. Organizers can easily track how many participants have checked in at the event and identify those who are still missing. This information can serve as the basis for various follow-up strategies and provide insights into the event's performance.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Organizers have the opportunity to customize their name badges according to their preferences. One tip is to include the organization's or event's colors, images, and fonts to create a consistent tone.

Prevent Queque Formation

The fast and automated printing process minimizes wait times during check-in, helping to avoid queues that can negatively impact the participant experience.

Environmentally Friendly

By offering a digital printing process, Trippus Print on Demand contributes to reducing paper waste and promoting sustainability initiatives. Moreover, the name tags are made of specially treated paper, eliminating the need for plastic holders to be worn around the neck.

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