5 MARCH, 2024

New Partnership: Rule Communication

We are pleased to introduce our new partnership with the email provider Rule Communication! You as a Trippus user will receive a better service for sending secure emails directly from the Trippus platform, fully compatible with current frameworks.

Secure email delivery with Swedish provider

In line with the In line with the new security requirements introduced by major players such as Gmail and Yahoo, Trippus has chosen to collaborate with a leading Swedish email provider. Rule is fully compatible with GDPR standards. With the incresed security requirements for email, domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL will implement changes beginning February 2024. Stay ahead with our new integration with Rule!

How will you as a Trippus user be affected?

As a customer, you will still send your communications from the Trippus platform, and you will not need to use another system to communicate with your participants. However, you will receive several benefits following the new partnership with Rule, including:

Send emails from your own domain: With the new partnership, Trippus users can now send email messages from their own domain. This provides a more professional and personalized experience for both organizers and participants.

Secure and reliable: Our collaboration ensures secure email delivery, promoting a reliable connection between organizers and participants for a successful event experience.

GDPR compliance: Trippus, in partnership with Rule Communications, ensures that your event communication complies with GDPR standards, prioritizing data protection and privacy to give you the confidence to handle participant information responsibly.

Avoid having your emails end up in spam: Rule's advanced anti-spam features integrated into Trippus offer a "certificate," allowing you to relax and trust that your email messages reach your audience without disruptions and end up in the inbox instead of spam. This ensures that your communication reaches its intended recipients and increases the chance of successful event communications.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to take advantage of the enhanced email management features offered through the new partnership between Trippus and Rule Communication? Contact Trippus sales department today for more information on how to get started using the new email functionality and take your event communications to the next level.

Email us at sales@trippus.com.

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