14 December, 2023

More than 1 million participants in 2023

2023 - a record year in many ways

2023 has been an intense year from start to finish. With a fully booked calendar, we have increase our staff to meet the growing demand for Trippus services. With many positive aspects to consider, some areas that ctaches the eye. The first is, of course, the fact that the number of participants has exceeded one million, something we have never achieved before. In addition to this milestone, 2023 is the best year in the company's history and we have a very strong growth that is unparalleled in the market.

Big events in September

With a year filled with events of all sizes, it is September that stands out significantly. With its 190,000 registered participants, September of 2023 is a month without counterpart in Trippus' 20-year history. The underlying reason for this impressive figure is the large events that took place during this period, including the largest cultural event in the Nordic region - Bokmässan.

The Trippus team at Bokmässan 2023 in Gothenburg.

The industry has recovered from the pandemic

It may be a bit cliché, but the pandemic hit the entire event industry hard. We saw industry colleagues who did not pulled through, while those who did were the ones who quickly adapted to the current conditions. In 2019, we were close to reaching 1 million participants, but fell short by about 50,000. The two subsequent years were heavily affected by the pandemic and restrictions, resulting in a halving of the attendence rate.

Luckily, that though period is behin us and we can now confidently state that the event industry has recovered, although the landscape looks different compared to a few years ago. Digital solutions have been developed at an impressive speed which naturally have increased in popularity, even though in-person and hybrid events continue to be the dominant.

Looking ahead to 2024

With the wind in our sails, we look forward to next year with hopeful eyes. Despite 2023 being the best year in the company's history, we still strive to continue our journey, becoming better, and helping even more organizers create successful events. With everything from small gatherings to global events, we have an exciting time ahead of us, and who knows, next year we might reach the 2 million mark. With five new employees joining the Trippus team in January, all pieces are in place for continued growth.

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