27 March, 2024

GDPR and Data Security at Events

In today's digital age, data protection, security, and GDPR have become central concerns for companies and organizations worldwide. For event organizers, this is particularly important given the sensitive information gathered from participants and other stakeholders. In this article, we will explore how GDPR and data security affect the events industry and how organizers can address these requirements using tools like Trippus.

What is GDPR?

GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation, is legislation introduced by the European Union to strengthen individuals' protection of personal privacy and data security. The purpose of GDPR is to give individuals increased control over their personal data while imposing strict requirements on organizations and companies handling such data.

Within the events industry, GDPR is of paramount importance due to the extensive collection and management of personal data. Event organizers gather a variety of information from participants, including names, contact information, payment details, and sometimes even sensitive information such as social security numbers and special needs. While this data is crucial for effectively organizing and executing events, it must be handled responsibly and legally to ensure GDPR compliance.

Organizers report challenges in managing personal data

Many event organizers have felt the challenges posed by GDPR. The requirements to manage and protect participants' personal data securely can be complex and time-consuming. Mishandling data can lead to serious consequences and harm a company's reputation. Despite this, a study by Eventsforce shows that the majority of organizers experience difficulties in meeting GDPR requirements.

GDPR compliance with Trippus

Data management has become increasingly important following the updated cookie policies introduced in early 2024. For marketing departments, first-party data has become a central component of their strategies due to this change. First-party data can be obtained in several ways, including from their own website, filled-out forms, and, of course, events.

Today, event organizers turn to event system providers that meet GDPR requirements. Providers that do not comply with current regulations and frameworks are being phased out, resulting in several organizers switching systems. At Trippus, we offer a comprehensive platform for event management, including participant registration, ticket sales, and data collection. By using Trippus, organizers can easily meet GDPR requirements by ensuring that personal data is handled securely and legally.

Servers in Sweden

One of the advantages of using Trippus is that the platform utilizes servers in Sweden for data storage. This means that personal data remains within the EU and is subject to the strict data protection regulations established in GDPR.

GDPR agreement in the registration

Trippus also offers the option to include GDPR agreements in event registration forms. This means that participants must actively consent to their personal data being used in accordance with the GDPR framework, providing organizers and participants with additional reassurance.

Increased requirements for data security

In addition to GDPR, there is a general trend toward increased requirements for data security. This trend stems from the concerning rise in data breaches and cyberattacks, and the events industry is no exception. It is crucial for organizers to take data security seriously and implement appropriate measures to protect participants' information. We see that authorities and other event organizers require systems to ensure that sensitive data never falls into unauthorized hands.

To ensure adequate data protection, it is necessary to implement robust security measures, including managing authorization levels and the ability to disable or remove access for users, especially after they have left their employment. It is of utmost importance for organizations to only allow access to various systems for those who truly need it.

Protecting yourself as an organizer against data breaches with Trippus

To protect against data breaches and ensure GDPR compliance, we recommend that organizers use Trippus. With Trippus, you get a secure platform for event management and participant registration while meeting the stringent requirements of GDPR. Ultimately, it is crucial for event organizers to take data protection and security seriously. By using tools like Trippus, you can ensure that your events are handled securely and legally while protecting participants' personal data.

You should not have to worry about data from your event system leaking out. And we wholeheartedly agree. With this in mind, Trippus has taken several measures to deliver the market's most secure event system with 24/7 monitoring. Additionally, we have implemented two approaches for organizations to enhance security during login to Trippus.

Single Sign On: Trippus offers Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide users with a seamless and unified login experience across different platforms and systems. By implementing SSO, users can log in to the Trippus platform with their existing credentials from other systems or identity providers. This eliminates the need to manage multiple login credentials and increases security by reducing the risk of password-related issues and user errors.

Multifactor Authentication: Trippus has integrated multifactor authentication (MFA) to enhance the security of user accounts. With MFA, additional verification steps are required to confirm the user's identity beyond the password, typically involving a temporary code sent to the user's mobile phone or email address. This protects user accounts from unauthorized access even if the password were compromised, making it more difficult for attackers to access sensitive information or data.

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