23 January, 2024

Five new colleagues starting in January

Hiring as part of the expansion phase

Trippus' decision to bring in five new team members is part of our ongoing expansion efforts. As the demand for top-notch services in event management and project leadership continues to rise, Trippus is scaling up our workforce to meet the growing needs.

More project managers. More events.

2023 was a record year on many fronts. A milestone that stood out was Trippus having over 1 million participants in a single year for the first time ever. We anticipate this figure will continue to increase this year as inquiries keep pouring in. To accommodate this positive trend, we have chosen to strengthen the project department with three new project managers. Micaela Canholm and Frida Ohlström are joining the main office in Uppsala, while Wilma Fritzson is based in Gothenburg.

Picture from Möten & Event 2023.

German expansion

Trippus is not only growing in numbers but also expanding its geographical reach. A significant aspect of the recent hires is the emphasis on strengthening the team for Trippus' expansion into the German market. Rasa Valaitiene steps in as an Account Manager for the German market. She is German-speaking and has spent most of her life in Germany, providing a good understanding of German culture.

Contact Rasa on rasa.valaitiene@trippus.com.

A familiar face among the new employees

We welcome back Robin Andersson, who was part of the Trippus family for six years. After exploring other opportunities, Robin has chosen to rejoin Trippus, something we are all very excited about. He takes on the role of Application Specialist, thus strengthening the business development team.

We are thrilled that all these stars have chosen to join Trippus, and we are confident that they will play a crucial role in the ongoing development.

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