28 november, 2022

Event invitation: 10 tips to succeed with the number of participants

Organizing an event is and should be considered a fun experience. Through events, as an organizer, you disseminate your message and gather relevant individuals during a designated time where your topic takes center stage. The heart of successful events lies in a strong turnout. With a high number of participants, the event becomes more vibrant, and as an organizer, you generate a significant revenue stream through ticket sales. How can you ensure a high level of participation? According to us, much of the answer lies in the event invitation!

1. Start collecting registrations early

Be proactive in giving yourselves and your participants the opportunity to plan the event in their calendars. Ensure you have a plan and strategy for when to open registrations. The earlier you announce, the more time potential participants have to familiarize themselves with the event and become increasingly interested.

2. Utilize digital registration

Data shows that only 13% of people prefer paper registration. Follow the data and allow your participants to register digitally. Digital registrations also mean less manual work for you as an event organizer.

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3. Define your target audience

Who do you want to attend the event? Defining the target audience is crucial to attract the right individuals to your event. Once you've identified the target audience, it becomes easier to communicate the right message to ensure their participation.

4. Spread the invitation across multiple channels

More channels, more opportunities. Use your social media channels, website, email, and possibly paid advertising to increase awareness of the event. Additionally, consider using your personal LinkedIn accounts to broaden the reach.

5. Personalize the invitation

Dare to be personal! Include the participant's first name in your communications for a better response. In Trippus, you can easily incorporate the first name into the messages to provide a personalized experience for each participant.

6. Invest in design and layout

Your event invitation is the first impression for participants. For this reason, it's good to stand out by including your color codes, images, logos, and information about the event to spark interest.

7. Clarify essential information

Communicate all basic information in the event invitation and address common questions. For participants, it's crucial to know the location, date, and price of the event. Another tip is to include a "Contact Us" button on the website and in communications to make it easier for participants to address their inquiries. It's also essential to clarify whether digital participation is possible.

8. Enable payments in the registration process

Securing ticket revenue is crucial for a profitable event. Facilitate direct payments for participants during the registration process.

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9. Send booking confirmations

Most participants want confirmation that their booking has been successful. With Trippus, you can easily set up a booking confirmation to ensure that participants who have registered receive an email immediately.

10. Send reminders

Haven't received responses to your invitation yet? It may be time to send out a reminder to capture some last-minute registrations. Here, it might be opportune to entice with a special offer to boost sales right up to the last moment.

Are you ready to create better events?