7 september. 2022

Checklist for hybrid events

Hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular – and for good reason. Nowadays, participants expect the option to attend remotely, a trend that emerged during the pandemic years. With the lifting of restrictions, there is a keen desire to meet physically again, while the group wanting to participate remotely has also grown. Together with organizers, we can now assert that hybrid events are the new standard.

In this article, we share a checklist on how to succeed with your next hybrid event!

Before the event

  • Define the scope of the hybrid event: On-site and digital participants have different conditions at a hybrid event, which is crucial to recognize. For this reason, certain limitations may be appropriate. Should all parts of the event be accessible to everyone, or should some parts only be offered on-site or remotely? Consider what participants should be able to sign up for depending on how they are participating!
  • Sound is crucial: Focus on excellent sound for the broadcast! Contrary to what one might think, good sound quality is more important than having a perfect image at a hybrid event. Data shows that 2 out of 3 executives consider sound more important than other technical equipment during digital meetings.

During the event

  • Digital check-in: Allow on-site participants to check in via a mobile ticket, and print name badges on-site for the best opportunity for networking. Digital participants receive a personal link to their broadcast page, allowing them to enter the event with a simple click. Fast and smooth regardless of how one is participating!
  • Integration at hybrid events: Provide all participants with the same opportunity to interact with each other and with the speakers on stage! Those on-site use an event app on their mobile phones, while online participants have the same capabilities directly on their broadcast platform. A tip is to include a poll that all participants can answer.

After the event

  • Record the broadcast: Extend the lifespan with on-demand content. Publish recorded material in the digital broadcast platform and allow participants access to the content after the event, thus letting the hybrid event continue to thrive.
  • Captioning: Remember to add subtitles to videos for full accessibility. For public activities, there are legal requirements for this.

Are you ready to create better events?