2 February, 2024

Bigger and Better Name Badges!

We at Trippus proudly present our new and improved name badges, designed to give your event a real "wow" factor. The new badges are a result of the feedback from our customers and event organizers who have been wishing for an improved solution.

Design that stands out

Organizers invest countless resources in planning their events, while the marketing department workes diligently to create a graphic profile for the event. One of the main advantages of the new name badge is their increased size. This means that the badges can be designed more extensively, providing organizers ample space to include logos, images, and the attendee's individual information on the name badge which is generated upon scanning their digital ticket.

Furthermore, the new name badges also offer printing on the back, allowing for a different message on the other side, such as drink coupons and karaoke, as illustrated below.

Space for sponsors

For many organizers, events are seen as a source of revenue and a crucial part of their sales strategy. The new name badge provides organizers with enhanced opportunities to effectively market sponsors and partners. Company logos and other brand information can be easily placed on the badges, offering increased exposure for companies supporting the event.

Durable material

Planning a multi-day event or an outdoor gathering? No problem! The new name badges are specifically designed to be more durable, made from a robust material to withstand these types of conditions. There is no need for printing multiple badges or to purchase plastic pockets as these badges maintain their appearance and the information displayed on them over a long period of time.

Order name badges for your next event

Make a statement at your upcoming event with Trippus' new name tags. Our dedicated project managers assist you in designing and creating exceptional name tags tailored to your event's needs and preferences. Send us an email or give us a call to learn more!

Are you ready to create better events?